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Accelerate your Internet Download Speed

Boostum Download Manager

Boost your Downloads upto 3X

Boostum splits a file into several parts, and donwloads them simultaneously to accelerate your Download Speed!

Schedule Download
Browser Extensions
Resume Capability
Download from URL

For Mac

Boostum is available on Mac Desktop

For Windows

Boostum is available on Windows Computers


Browser Integrations

Boostum Download Manager seamlessly integrates into Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome to automatically handle your downloads

Automatically Download through Boostum    

Once you install Boostum Browser Extension into your Browser, all the downloads are automatically imported into Boostum Download Manager by default.

Easy-to-Use & Simple UI

Our Boostum Download Manager is designed keeping the end-user in

Error Recovery and Resume Capability

Resume Capability of User will Enable a Download an Interrupted Download due to lost connection, power loss, and other network related issues.


Auto Shutod

With Boostum, you can easily schedule your download to run at any time!

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