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Boostum Download Manager


3x Faster Download Speeds

Boostum segments your file download into sveral parts and simultaneously downloads them to boost your download speed

Multi-Browser Integrations

Boostum integrates into popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox to automatically handle your downloads.

Download Scheduling

With Boostum, you can esily schedule your downloads to happen at a later point of time

Resume Capability

Lost connection or power loss? You don't have to start over with your download again! With boostum, you can resume the download where you left off!

Auto PC Shutdown on Download Complete

With Boostum, you can can instruct your PC to shutdown automatically once your download-in-progress is complete

Download Crawler

With boostum, you can add custom url download links to download any file.    


Insanely Fast

With the help of file segmentation technology, you are able to accelerate your download upto 3x faster than regular download speed.


Organize your 

Boostum Download Manager allows you to organize your downloads according to their categories like music, documents, videos..etc

Your Downloads. Your Settings.

Our settings allow you to limit download speeds & simultaneous downloads, and even select your default file location.

Download Speeds Limit

Set a global download speed limit for all your files. 


Limit Simultaenous Downloads

Boostum allows you to limit the number of simultaneous downloads happening at a time


Download Crawler

Boostum allows you to download from url. If you don't have the url, boostum will crawl that webpage for downloadable files and downloads them for you.


Download Scheduling

You can pause any download and schedule it to happen at a later point of time with Boostum.


Boostum Download Manager is available on both Windows & MAC Platforms

We're currently in beta, so we don't have any pricing in mind yet! 

Please drop an email to if you have questions


Integrates with Most Popular Browsers

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Made in India